Innovation & Development

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Run-flat tires

Snow tires


Low hardness tread compound

Normal temperature: 45-50HA, -30℃: the tread maintains soft at low temperature around 50HA ensuring grip.


Tread Foam Technology

On the tread area a sponge-like structure of sufficient density and uniform size is formed to absorb moisture from the ice surface.


Extended running surface

The running surface is 5-20mm wider than summer tires, improving driving and braking performance.


Sloping shoulder design

Anti-skid, enhancing driving stability.


3D sipes

Meshing effect is formed between the sipes when driving , which reduces the relative movement between the blocks increasing the surface contact area.


High-density sipe design

Breaks ice surface enhancing grip

Racing tires

"Racing car can testify tire manufacturing technology". The rise of domestic automobile culture boosts the demand for racing tires. Huasheng Rubber focusing on racing tire research and development, becomes an outstanding rival in foreign-funded racing tire projects.

Participate in some competitions:
Zhuhai International 700km Endurance Race
Let's Race


The tread compound of full-hot-melt tires developed by Huasheng Rubber can quickly heat up when the tires are working until they reach a molten state, providing strong grip,showing excellent durability. Measured at Zhuhai International Tournament: Compared with conventional products, the average lap time of Huasheng racing tires is reduced by 0.72S, meeting the international first-class standard.


Puncture-resistant self-healing tires

Safety tires dominate the future tire industry. At present, the research, development and production of safety tires are launched by major tire companies. Some brand car companies are equipping with self-healing safety tires, coated puncture-resistant tires are one of those solutions.


Coated puncture self-sealing tires are those covered with self-sealing material on the inner surface of the tire. When the tire is punctured, the punctured part gets soon recovered, in this way, the tire can still run safely for its good sealing performance.


Synthetic coating materials and processing are applied in the inner spray layer. The inner spray layer does not stick to flow at high temperature not tending to embrittle at low temperature, protecting the tires all day ensuring the tire performance  .


Silent cotton tires


Silent cotton tires are made of special sound-absorbing polyurethane foam inlay inside tire, reinforced with a layer of sealing protective material so as to reduce the vibration and noise while tire is working, improving the driving comfort . 


Comparing the indoor noise and modal experiment results,   noise produced by the quiet cotton tire is reduced by 1.3db(A) when the speed reaches 80km/h.


The sliding noise and interior noise produced by the silent cotton tires are significantly reduced, improving the driving comfort.