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Roadboss Tire integrates independent development, design and production of radial tires, persists on optimizing process, enhancing combination of technology and equipment exploring ways of manufacturing high-quality, precise and cutting-edge products, so as to embark on a qualified and customized tire domain echoing to different markets .

Product Details

●The tread rubber uses special formula of the mine, puncture and tearing resistance.
●The design of four layers plus zero degree super belt and super thick base rubber,stepped groove wall. Combined with the design of "bombstone" block, it prevents the stone from falling into the punctured steel wire layer and causing early damage to the tire.
●The super-thick sidewall anti-scratch rubber design prevents scratches, scratches,impacts, and damage to the carcass;
●The patented design of the heat dissipation "well" on the pattern and the deep groove design on the side can improve the heat dissipation performance and prevent thermal shoulder voids.
●The design of block pattern, ultra-wide driving surface and ultra-deep grooves not only provide strong driving force for heavy load conditions, but also increase the service life of the pattern.
●The professional technical application of super load-resistant bead makes the secondary tire own super load-resistant performance.



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