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Hybrid Cars Tyre EV Cars Tyre Electric Cars Tyre E200

Our Prime E200 Series Tyres Are Suitable For Hybrid Cars, EV Cars, Electric Cars

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E-mail: ginkgo@roadbosstyres.com

Roadboss Tire integrates independent development, design and production of radial tires, persists on optimizing process, enhancing combination of technology and equipment exploring ways of manufacturing high-quality, precise and cutting-edge products, so as to embark on a qualified and customized tire domain echoing to different markets .

Product Details

●E200 tires offer outstanding grip force, better drainage,anti-aquaplaning, lower rolling resistance, nice noise control level, providing superior comfort and driving experience.excellent for electric vehicles.
●Quietness: The software- simulated tread pattern and multi- pitch arrangement reduce the noise generated by the tire block resonance;continuous closed shoulder on the outside of the tire reduces the noise
●Circumferential grooves: four wide circumferential major grooves and the central continuous grooves greatly improve drainage and anti-aquaplaning performance, improve braking and handling performance on wet roads.
●Geometric chamfering prevents the block from curling during braking and cornering, ensuring even pressure distribution on the surface, grip and steering stability; similar chamfering can also be applied in lateral grooves.
●Asymmetrical rib, shoulder and central rib angle is asymmetrically designed,Prevents ribs from excessive leaning during sharp and high-speed cornering, enhancing steering response and fuel efficiency



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