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All-terrian Tyres Prime Off-road Tyres AT-X3

Our Prime AT-X3 Series Tyres Are High-performance Off-road Tyres, All-terrian Tyres

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Roadboss Tire integrates independent development, design and production of radial tires, persists on optimizing process, enhancing combination of technology and equipment exploring ways of manufacturing high-quality, precise and cutting-edge products, so as to embark on a qualified and customized tire domain echoing to different markets .

Product Details

●X3 is an all terrain-road tire, satisfying the performance on paved roads, mountain roads, muddy and snow roads improving the tire pattern life. It is the best choice for off-road enthusiasts.
●Non-equal-depth horizontal groove design, effectively reduce the noise of the pattern, increasing the strength of the block.
●Multi-directional lugs and sipes,ensures excellent traction in all directions; Lugs on pattern in form Z,secure grip and superior off-roading on non- paved roads.
●Special shoulder reinforcement help prevent tire penetration on non-paved roads.
●The wave- shape shoulder combined with the bulging edge of the sidewall increases heat- dissipation ability and impact resistance of the sidewall.



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